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Glaiel Gamer: Organization + Pumpkin Yard
The Mercenary: Trick or Treat
TomyLee: cucu Blackmetalleer killer
Frostedmuffins: Gravedigger
dieEVILsanta: Spider Killing
SaintShun: The title screen pumpkins
Smoking Chimney: The O&B logo

Happy Halloween! Have fun!

BTW Check back in a few days for True Darkness's submission to be updated into this. He was having computer problems.


Since all these games are small and limited in colorscheme the maximum mark is 5 not 10. None of them is better then a 5 ina 10 point scale anyways.

So my marks would be:

Glaiel Gamer - 3/5 Intresting concept but still a primitive little game with nohing new to do but increase score until inevitable loss. Obviosly there are better games in the world where to practice better masterity so it's basicly useless.

True Darkness - 4/5 Only one of these games that is about completion and not endless score, which is good. I would give a 5/5 if would not hang up on blank screen after level 2. It looks like the author didn't even expect that anyone would bother and complete the hard 2nd level of this small game. If this game would have a 3rd level or at least an ending screen I would score this higher.

The mercenary - 1/5 If I am Death I would prefer to do more sinister things then catch candy. Another useless score hoarding game where you have no benchmark to judge is your score good or not, and catching candy is less fun then shooting monsters like in other games, so - last place.

Tomy Lee - 2/5 for making shooting Minigun (the best experiance in many Computer games) a chore. Why even have 4 different weapons when you can use the strongest (Minigun) all the time with unlimited ammo? Not only are you able to use the srongest weapon all the time you are forced to do so because this is the only weapon capable of dealing with the strongest monste combo. Also game is pointless score hoarding with minigun you can theoretically last forever but gets boring.

dieEVILsanta - 3/5 The main probles is that I found tank hard to control. If this game had more colors and many levels i would bother to endure the learning curve to master the controls and see other levels with different colors and enemies, but since I know that this is just endless score hoarding in the same room with same enemies till inevitable death I didn't bother to master controlling the tank.

Frosted Muffins - 5/5 best minigame here. Shooting zombies with shotgun is always fun, if I were to waste time in an endless score hoarding game then this is he most fun way to do it. Also it said in description to give another weapon after a certain number of kills so it had at least some goal other then endless growing of score. This game kept my intrest longer then all others until I got 100 kills which was moderatly chalenging and the other weapon, which was stronger but not that fun. This game also has 3 types of enemies, not counting different sized zombies which is more then any other game here. So this game wins this competition in my opinion for sure.

Wow, so many games!
Glaiel-Gamer 9/10. My favorite as it just went on forever.
TrueDarkness 8/10. Simple but fun.
The Mercenary 5/10. Why do you have to open your bag like that?
TomyLee 4/10. Too fast for me.
DieEVILsanta 8/10. Very creative!
FrostedMuffins 7/10. Better than TomyLee.

Not bad.

Not bad.

Its good

Its alright

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Overall, not that great

Another game medley, another set of reviews...

Pumpkin Yard

I've already reviewed this as it's own seperate entry submission, and not that highly. It's not that great of a game, and is hindered by a poor control scheme and no replayability. Dissapointing.

Hoverbot Halloween

This is a very fast-paced game, somewhat enjoyable with a couple of niggling flaws. The hoverbot as it were is a little bit airy in his control, he tends to drift about a little bit when he has landed from a jump, making some of the more jumpy parts awkward as he has accidently fallen off the edge on more than one occasion. Also, the parts with the crushing walls, hoverbot explodes like he has been crushed even when he is just hovering next to them, very annoying. Overall, quite enjoyable though!

Trick or Treat

Very dissapointing game of the generic "catch falling stuff" variety. Not much challenge involved, not that impressive visually. Fairly boring to be honest with you.

cucu Blackmetalleer killer

Ridiculous name, ridiculous premise. The game doesn't play that well either. The enemies are fairly difficult to kill, and look not that attractive looking. I don't know what the idea behind this game was, but it would have been much better as some kind of hack and slash side scroller, with an actual health bar instead of one hit to kill you.

Spider Killing

Interesting idea, but poor implementation. This plays like a kind of Asteroids clone with spiders falling and attacking you, and you trying to fend them off. There are added ghosts floating around for some inexplicable reason, and they get quite annoying. Was also gutted to find out I only had limited ammo, as I wondered why I wasn't firing any more, and was left basically waiting to die. That was a big mistake.


Another interesting game hampered by poor implementation. The fact that the screen doesn't scoll at all, leaving you on that one small patch of graveyard fending off an over abundance of enemies at once. This game doesn't ease you in at all, loads of zombies just start coming straight for you. There should be some kind of health bar here too, instead of one hit deaths, which are all too common.

Overall, this collection of games isn't the best, although they all fit quite well into the Orange and Black motif, and thusly the Halloween theme. A lot of the games here were good in concept, but poor in execution.

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Oct 29, 2005
8:55 PM EDT
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