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It's Freakin' Mario

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Good ol' Mario. Always seems to be screwin up, don't he? Here's another reel of bloopers from me. It's pretty short this time, so hold off on the popcorn. The movie is similar to SML, plus a bit more profanity, violence, and it's set in SMB this time. Hope you dudes enjoy!

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Oh man, I watched and enjoyed this so many years ago, I feel like I just took a peek at a time capsule.

Faved because this video has a special place in my heart, in all it’s profanity and violent content LOL

2005? Last time I watched this I was around 6...I'm 20 now. Thanks for babysitting the kid who was obsessed with Mario and was unsupervised at a computer at dad's office for the day. And this was pre-Castle Calamity too, which I also enjoyed growing up...dang.

Bigfoot3290 responds:

Thanks my dude. I can sort of relate to that feeling, having created this when I was 15, now looking back on it at 30. Hope you're well!

My childhood

This has been an absolute classic for 15 years, and it's still great with every time I watch this. Watching the .fla version makes this an even better experience, thanks for being the inspiration I needed to create! :)

Holy god damn, this is a blast from the past. Here I am, hunting down a bunch of animations from years ago that I barely remember, and BIGFOOT's name comes up. Jesus, this is such a nostalgia trip.

Bigfoot3290 responds:

I feel the same way! Like a whole lifetime ago. Thanks for dropping a comment!