Frigid [MD]

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Update: Im getting alot of people saying they dont understand the ending or that it doesnt make sense. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE...you just have to think about it ok.
Gramps of Morphemon Duelists has a flashback to his days in World War II. The song is a remix of The Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) by The Zombies.


nice movie :D

lol nice work there. keep it up! GO X_Anthrax43!!! *cheers*

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Your a ASS if you post about it being....


BIG F***ing WHOOP... Its a ANIMATION... on NEWGROUNDS... there IS NO LIMIT to how realistic or non realistic something can be.
Do you say "Not realistic SQUIERLS CANT TALK" for a foamy movie review? Do you say "NO WAY No aliens ever crashed on earth and went on a rampage..." for a Alien Homnid Review? NO!!! So why should this movie be any diffrent...

Think of it, if this movie was completley made to be realisitc, then we would know what would happen most likely... A group of men that get ambushed like that would mostlikey all be killed quickly agianst snipers like that, BORING, but what this author did was add flare to the scenario, thats all... Yeah sure one man probablly couldnt take all those men down, But you never said that after watching the matrix and seeing Neo Down all those agents now did ya?

All in all man great movie, dont listen to these asswipes...

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PiGPEN responds:

I never do. ^_^


That was cool. and for the review before . u are really harsh. He told u the point in the discription and pluss u can see alot more "un-realism" on TV today. I mean a a group of people stuck on a island and water coming from an apatrment tryin to kill sum1? i mean come on this was more real than alot of things. About the flying part, ever notice Dragonball Z? yea... So dont be so harsh. The animation was smooth but sometimes his body size would change but whatever, not as bad as many others. It was great. Just sum1 is being a meanie. PigPen ignore him! Cant wait dor monster dualist thing!


or my God wot the Fuck was tht. that was pointless tht waz no way realism how the fuck can a man fly through the air like that bull shit utter boring

PiGPEN responds:

Learn to spell, make coherent sentences and not stress over uneeded stuff.
Basically learn to not be stupid.


ABSOLUTLY FUCKING BRILLIANT i loved ever scene, it was really perfect in realism to a real battle, this was GREAT!

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3.84 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
9:36 PM EDT