Burnt Face Man 5

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Episode 5. Longest episode yet. Original idea was scrapped, that's why it took so long. Hope youns enjoy it.





absoloutley fantastic its funny and random a great combination a bit dodgey about the bbc rape channel though but other than that its great this itself could easily be seen on bbc itself you should be proud of what you have made well done good sir

Mmmmm dried dog mess, a crunchy treat.

This is the best series ever! or at least the funniest. Im definetly adding this series to my favourites. You have got a great sense of humour, I wish I could come up with stuff like that, very origianl. The animation is great, the sound was clear, violenece......It's like little kids having fights, Lol.
Either give us your submarine, or we'll steal your garden!!
I don't have a submarine......or a garden.

Too talented

Oi Firth, Stop cocking about reading my stupid review and go and make your own TV series or something. You are the funniest flash author probably ever, and I jolly well hope you pack this newgrounds stuff in soon and do something for the bbc, or even itv, or even channel 4, but not life TV or that 'Black people only channel' that I sometimes turn on by mistake.

Seriously though mate, your stuff is fantastic, I really mean it. I know you've been met with a lot of praise and success already with Salad Fingers and the like, but if you continue to produce stuff like this your success will skyrocket, I know it will. I can see big, warm things headed your way in the shape of TV and film (if that's what you want).

I don't know if you read reviews (I'm a big egotistical tart so I always read mine) But I hope you see this, hopefully it's so obnoxiously long that you feel you have to. Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much of a giant bandit I am and how much I love you. I've had some flash abominations of my own engineering on front page recently, check them out if you want, and if you like them, and are heavily sedated maybe I can con you into a collaboration. If not, I can only assume that you're gay.


-Happy Harry

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My favorite series of yours.

Don't listen to the little cocks who reviewed below me. Burnt face man is by far your most genius series yet, by a long shot. The funniest one too.

This new episode made my day-- or my whole time until the next Burnt Face Man episode. That is, if you continue to make them...

Seriously, Burnt face man has inspired much of the humor in my movies. Thank you Mr. Firth.

give us your submarine or we'll steal your garden!

the best and funniest episode of burnt face man ever


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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2005
10:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Original