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Careful not to close the window too fast after it says the end :) hehe

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yo this is a good video to watch wen stoned

This is what happens every time I smoke weed -.-


i 'member watchin this back in the day, shits still funny today, holds up well

Good shit

Reminds me of that time I got fired at work, except the monster was my boss...
Oh yeah, when you get the fuck outta the basement when the lights are out remember, your alright as long as you dont look back

@ martymo and review

marty, know how i know your 12? you didn't use a single punctuation throughout your entire pile of crap you probably call a coherent paragraph. not only that, but it sounds like you still believe in ghosts and wizards.

"this is really some scary shit your brain can make impossible monsters come to life and kill everybody if you dont be careful what you smoke" - Martymo

watch out guys, pot can make your imaginings manifest themselves in reality and kill everyone. /sarcasm

anyways, pretty funny vid XD i knew someone was going to appear, but didnt quite expect that lol