The God & Devil Show

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Direct form the depths of Hell it's "The God and Devil Show." See, the Top Ten Reasons why God & the Devil should have their own talkshow. Hear, the music of Johnny Bobby and the "Hell's Angels" Show Band. And Marvel, at the wonder that is Ozzy Osbourne as God and the Devil present their first talkshow.

If you like the show let me know, and I'll be more then happy to make more. Also if you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me at www.thechinskey@yahoo.com.


Yeah, I thought this definitely had good moments. The main problem was the animation. It just wasn't that good. Again, this was already done before and much better animated. I still appreciate the voices. I guess it's still a good concept.

It's nice to have a lot of stuff going on. God and the Devil were represented pretty well. Shouldn't it be "God And The Devil Show"? The Devil is referred to as "The". While not too memorable, it wasn't too bad.

Holy Crap Is This Good!!

this is a funny flash but it was wierd when Ozzy first started to talk like a retard... that sortta pissed me off!!!

Culture humor (nice).

This was awesome my favorite part was when God showed of his secret film. And I just noticed that I'm the only one writing way back from October.

This Is My 666 Review

I chose a pretty good movie to review on. The only really funny part of the whole thing was King Of The Hell. Fix some of your walking motion too.

---How to anger everyone---

LOL! Guaranteed to anger everyone except those who don't believe in God or Satan! I got six words for you; Satan dances in a clown wig!

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Oct 8, 2005
1:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original