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CT: "the Fated battle"

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Chrono Trigger: "the fated battle"
This is the epic battle of crono vs magus.

Since there are so few non-sprite CT movies in the portal(or almost none) i decided to make the "hard" job. At some points characters may loose detail, but thats because im doing a fbf at 24fps, and i am the only one who does the animation, thus i have a life lol.

Anyways, enjoy the movie, i did it as a tribute for this awsome game and all CT fans. For the ones who havent played the rpg: Chrono trigger, deslike my movie(or do not understand it) please dont vote. Hope you enjoy the fbf parts (especially the last technique which took me 3 days to finish ~_~) Enjoy!

keicho -.-v

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The character models are lively and colorful. None of the movements look too awkward. One of the better animations around.

Fairly decent.

It wasn't a bad animation, but I feel it could have been a bit better, mainly with the character drawings. Then again, I would have preferred sprite animation with CT anyway...

Also, in response to the previous reviewer: Chrono Cross was about as understandable as abstract art. And until someone can wholly explain the story without plot holes, I will continue to believe it is incomprehensible.

Pretty good

you got most of this from the real game not bad and the battle was pretty good too however I don't think that you know that there is a sequel to this game it's called chrono cross but mind you. in order to know what is going on you must finish the original chrono trigger before you play chrono cross the it will be fairly easy to understand


keicho i agree with u... thanks squaresoft for making the best rpg in the WHOLE HISTORY EVER!and i already killed lavos a thousand times and i already saw the twelve endings in the game but i wish to play it again a thousand times.

I'm going to play crono trigger now. ^.^

You rock! Props. Forget everyone who gave this bad reveiws. They don't know the epicness of ct. Also how hard it is for one person to create a flash. By Flash I mean a good Flash not just any old flash. Thank you for this keicho. Also my team would of been Crono , Frog(Glenn), and Robo. Don't ask me why but they are the strongest team I've had besides Crono , Magus and Frog.