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Dailytoon #200

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Wow, we really did go a long way.

edit: has anyone found all of those secrets yet?

Wow, we won RCP. I don't even care that the score is dropping at this point. I'm just very happy with the reviews I'm getting. I'm definitely starting a 3rd season :)

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That wasn't bad. I still wouldn't quite recommend it. It got close at least. It was indeed a pretty standard cartoon. That's probably why it could have been better. It was too dull.

I guess the animation wasn't bad. It was just about a guy searching for gold. I guess it's fine. 200th? I thought you submitted one every day, so it should be around 365 at this time.

Great fast tempo.

A fast pace, decent animation, quality voice acting...

The scene with a plane crashing into the farm looked shit and on the scene with the kids up swinging trees, whils the trees were of an impeccable standard, the kids were relatively sloppy.

It's good an excellent tempo though and I like imagining what this film might be like, even if I'd never see it. My favourite parts were the seemingly-irrelevant farm and the ending.

My Alltime favorite Dailytoon

What a great way to end season two. See you at Dailyday!


Lol, awesome.

It was ok

I liked the characters and stuff. It was pretty cool.