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Daily2oon SE: rtil

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Hey, this here's the first rtil collection for the Star Syndicate. Please WATCH before you REVIEW. A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT WAS PUT INTO THIS.
Enjoy, and Happy Daily Day to all!

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I'm so glad the rating is higher! The best part is how rtil worked on it. He even let some guy named xtil help him! You'd think he'd be offended by the name. I like how they're all pretty long, except for the fanservice one. You really did put effort into this!

Only thing missing was Zekeyspaceylizard. How could you guys submit so much stuff on one day? I guess you can be talented. This was probably the busiest day you'll ever have. It looks like you guys did eventually retire.


the more of ur movies i watch the less i want to see old faves by LF. i really like... some of em... and i dont need to reevaluate his place on my faves list again. good movie nonetheless, i enjoyed it

An alright package

While they were all animated nicely, none of them were too interesting.
Still great attempt.

i liked it

i liked a dailyday for a change.

or, rather, this collection of them. i found them to actually be quite entertaining.

although, i do wonder, WHAT IS THAT SONG IN THE MENU????

Lol "Junior Jack"

I like how you used "My Feeling" in Fulp Funk. I was listening to that before I watched this :D