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Musical Influence

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Sep 27, 2005 | 11:01 PM EDT

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Just a Small Oppinion of mine on The Protesters against Metal and Rock ... they beleive it is a massive cause of suicide and such.. heres my oppinion



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((( WELL )))

Well there are studies that grad students have done to prove that different types of music put one in a sertain state of mind such as happy go lucky music makes one feel happy and cheery, while darker music may mellow one states of mind and making them more depressed and such, just my opinion oh and the many studies that are conducted on it...

Hmmm, well more understanding of things not just ones theary...

Intesresting opinion on the matter...



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I agree

Yes , You are deffinitly right.

I love Metal rock music and I like listening to it at school breaks and free classes (when a teacher doesnt come).
And those assholes allways take my iPod couse I'm listening to rock. AND WHAT THE FUCK? OTHER PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO DIFFRENT KINDS OF MUSIC AND THEY ARE **ALLOWED** TO LISTEN TO IT!

What the fuck is wrong with those people? , Rock doesnt kill , Its just a kind of music.
So to all the "Anti-Metal Rock" retards out there , Get a life.


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Hell yeah!

I agree with you 100%

I am a true death-metal head and music is not an influence, it's an escape!


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yeah, that twas good...i find that heavy metal, etc calms me down...and it only causes violence because our narrow minded world refuses to accept that we are all different...we are all guilty of it.. whether it b not liking someone because they dress differantly, or because they like diff music...we should really pull our headz out and just get on with life....


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My vote\opinion may not count for much but it is

Ok several reasons for the low score.

1: Although I know you were not intending it to be "fancy," I think you could have put a little more effort into it.

2:Although your point is good, I think you could've elaborated on it alot more. It is also ,in my opinion, a very narrow sided statement. Society does Put to much emphasis on Musics effect on peoples behavior, but many people underestimate it's effect as well. I think neither music, Nor Peer Presure, Nor Bullying and poplarity issues are solely to blame for violence in schools. It is a combonation of all those pressures that is having such a profoud effect on our youth. In short everybody's right.