Ball Keep Ups!

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This game, was my first ever game. But i decided to pack it up, publish it, then abandon it. I have a heap of school work to do and the actionscript was everywhere. I will make another game where i actually know where the AS is. Quite a difficult game, Good Luck!

Special thanks to asdf1248 at http://progworld.mihopa.
com for all of his help with this game, couldn't have done it without ya! ;)



Lol Dicko wtf. Make another one know that me and Rob have been teaching you a little. Also make gravity not increase so fast.


the colors made my eyes bleeding

Good but,

The flashing background is way too off-putting. Plus, The ball moves at a good speed but the paddle doesnt. I got to extreme gravity and the paddle doesnt move fast enough to get to the ball in time. Also, the extreme gravity is way to powerful. As soon as you miss the ball, another 4 fall down and you get loads of deaths. After and 2 minutes, I had 70 deaths. I think the Paddle needs to be speeded up and the ball needs to be slowed down.


I think I got a seizure or something, lol. The music is cool but I can't get past lv 2. I mean the ball is so fast. I don't really like the background though with the flashing stuff it really messes me up. It's fun but then it gets to hard which takes the fun factor away. Maybe you could make it a little bit easier and work on the background because the colours really screw me up...

it get's to hard to fast

i think it's a good game for the guy's first but i think it get's to hard to fast.

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3.11 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2005
8:01 PM EDT
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