Robo Farmer

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Backed into the corner, forced to the edge, you are driven to fight your way out of your farm. When this robot's switch is flipped to 'kill', he goes on a murderous rampage.

Make your way to the source of the violent uprising occuring in your town and stop it.

This is a platform game where you are the robot. All of the instruction you need is in-game. Read the instructions. Also, the first level will go through the keys for you so you can learn by doing. At the end of each stage you can buy weapons or upgrades if you have the cash for them. Once the first level starts you can turn off the music if you'd like. If it runs slow, hit the 'Q' in the corner to turn down the quality.

It's mostly just a fun little game. A bit of an experiment for me in the world of platform games.

The music was done by GoreBastard.


Very Nice Jub, But a Few Suggestions

This game was super fun to play, but it eventually got too boring.

Graphics: 8/10. Your style is amazing, and you are inspiring with the paintbrush. All of the characters are awesomely creative, which earned you this high score. The only fault is that the tweens are a little too slow, as well as the walking motion.

Style: 10/10. I guarantee you that there never was, nor ever will be a game like this. Robotic farmers in the future? I think not.

Sound: 8/10. The music was good, and it suited the game. However, it also got annoying, so I eventually pressed the mute button.

Violence: 9/10. Superb! The arsenal of weapons is awesome, as well as the gorey bloodshed that occurs every time you click that mouse.

Interactivity: 9/10. You Can't get much more interactive than a game where you scan the farm, looking for people to kill. The controls were a little hard to get used to, but it got normal after a while.

Humor: 5/10. I don't think that this submission is supposed to be very funny, even though it was. Because this isn't the forte of the game, I gave it a lower score.

Overall: 8/10. Great submission! I enjoyed myself!


1. Speed up the game. Make the tweens faster, so people don't get bored easily.

2. Add a quality control button. People can't afford to lag.

Other than that, awesome game. I'm looking forward to your future submissions.



Hate the controls....period...


u did well. the graphics were pretty cool, I liked the style, although the robot's legs looked fleshy and not like a robot. The sound wasn't great, but still good. The main problem was the jumping wasn't great, but apart from that I loved it congrats!


not the funnest game ever, but not considered bad at all. the graphics were knda bad for a game and the robot was rather ugly, sorry. but overall not too shabby.

Very well done

This was an excellent game. Unfortunately it was quite slow, and you could not pick up weapons, but all things considered, i think this is a very good display of how gooda flash maker you are.

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2005
3:41 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun