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One Soldier

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Hey guys, schools starting soon and before I started it I wanted to finish of this game and worked like 18 hours on this and my wrist hurts, so I hope you guys enjoy. Please leave comments on what you want in the second version of the game, ill try to make the second one even better! Have fun and Enjoy!

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I remember playing this when i was younger. It was fun and sad. :'(

Pretty fun!

Its great , but I think it would be better if it had more weapons.


all you lazy people who want a cheat on this game should listen up whatevr stage you are on before you click play press the right button on your computer next to the shoot button then click play then you have beaten the game and you will see a mini clip

It's an okay game but can be better

Okay this game could be better. It's sort of fun and all but w/e. It doesn't really gets to the point were it's good or people want to keep playing it over and over.

New things that can be added :Guns (being able to actually see them better.)

Walking faster.

More details on the game (characters and backgrounds.)

New storyline?

Being able to make you're own decisions like where to go and stuff.

Ally's being able to help you. (you should have a lvl like where you have to defend a base and theirs people rushing and of course having 1 ally shooting at them for each side.)

Being able to unlock/pick different sides to play. Good or bad.

Customize characters (colors, helmets, ect.)

Picking you're own equiptment.


not great

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2005
6:16 PM EDT