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*NOTE:It's not over until the credits appear!*
A flash about the darkest realms of humanity. This flash is not as odd as my other ones, I wanted to do something more coherent since it touches some serious issues. Hope you like it and leave your comments.

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Great movie with a good point

(Be prepared for a VERY long review.....)
HOWEVER, as great as it is, you forgot a lot of improtant issues that are really shocking and sick. Don't blow me off and say, "Whatever, you're just a new member" and stuff, because I've seen this movie many times, and long before I became a member of this site. So, here are the things that you remembered to put in that I admired:
Art/Graphics: The art is so captivating and so straight-forward, I just cannot thank you enough for that.
Sound effects: This is my favorite part of this movie, for without sound (for this particular film) it would be completely empty, as the creepy cries of chlidren evoke a chilling mood (which you were obviously going for)
Story/Plot: I'm not a very metaphorical person myself, but the way this film was made really opened my eyes as to how evil we really can be (and I understood it the first time I saw it...)

And now (best parts for last) here are the human issues that I'm surprised you forgot:
Torture: Of course we know that it's not the same as war (DUH!), so why didn't you do a section of people being strung on a rack or being hooked and beated by chains in a dungeon?Yes, it was hundreds of years ago, but wasn't it a part of our dark humanity (and is it still part of us?)
Pestilence: Maybe you didn't forget this issue when you showed starving children, but I thought that it only portrayed starving children. If you did forget, well, now you know...
Hate/Vengeance: These issues are the most common (if not ONLY) things that start war, and I know that all of us know this (SUPER DUPER DUH-DUH!!) but I felt that you forgot to viewthese natures in thier individual state (ie: physical bullying, murder, ect...)
Poverty: This is one of the most common issues that there could possibly be, so how COULD you miss this?? Maybe you were going for the less common things that were very brutally real in our human nature, but how is living behind a garbage can beggin for spare change to get by NOT tragic?
Enslavement: OMG, I'm sorry, but you should seriously replace that tree killing scene with this one instead. I mean, come on now. Selling people to be beaten, starved, and worked to death is way more disturbing than just killing plants.
Death sentence: I personally agree to this subject, however, I still think that you could've added this scene into your movie as a thirty second blip. They now have more humane ways of getting rid of mass murderers, but go back to the times when things weren't so humane ie: the guillotine, and when people were hung or electrified in front of an audience.

I honestly and sincerely hope that I wasn't being a snob, because I just wanted to point out the things I thought that you forgot (and I know that you can't list everything in there, because then it would be as long as infinity) . The only reason I gave you a five was because it was half good and half bad (if I didn't notice the other issues, I'd whole-heartedly give you a ten). I hope I've helped you, or at least I tried to....


Yeah, that's all I can say about this one.


Well this was abstract . . . artistic . . . certainly worth watching! I don't know how to describe it, a great deal of effort involved though, great stylish graphics as well. keep it up!



A beautiful representation of humans and their darker side. It didn't need to have a story to make sense. It's absolutely amazing.

okay i guess

It was pretty good, just one question, why did the dude in the elevator have a huge bald spot on the top of his head?

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Sep 5, 2005
12:23 PM EDT
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