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Sonic Epoch ep. 4 [XXX]

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Sonic Epoch episode 4 is here!! Four new cartoons plus one dress-up game from Fat Badger and Brick Top. WARNING: cartoons have mature sexual themes. 17+

update: worst preloader ever!!

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Idk what I'm watching

not bad

This has had a bunch of trailers.
Gonna be a little more light on this one.
Sk-- Whoa whoa there, that menu looks very promising.
Maybe this really will be this series premier!
Skit 1 : Fine Blue Ass - Tails looks weird, But Sonic looks pretty normal. Other than that why does Sonic shave his butt?
Skit 2 : Amy's H A W T dress-up - Oh. It's... ok i guess.
Skit 3 : Beating off Eggman - I Can really see the effort put into it and i really appreciate it. Extra half star poing for that.
Skit 4 : Vote 5 The Movie - Why am i getting Mystical Forest Zone nostalgia?
That floating Sonic head is real freaky, and why are they screaming? It's a bit odd.
Skit 5 : Sonic Rollin' - I... really appreciate the effort... but i don't really recognize this meme I'm sorry. Also Sonic has NO neck. Still good one.
Final Toughts : This is pretty good, but certainly not the premiere of the series. U don't see what was the point of the XXX in the tiiitle oh the butt one.

Sweet megamy rose!

sonic rolling is chingon and im from mexico ese jajaj