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YAAFM 11: Scientology

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Hey Everyone! First off, I just wanted to thank Tom & Wade for this site. As a special thanks, this episode has a NewGrounds loader. Next... wow, this one took longer than expected. There is so much stuff to say about the crazy cult Scientology. A lot of stuff I had to cut out, like Scientology tents on the set of "War of the Worlds", how Germany has basically outlawed it, the crazy cruise ships, hotels and money, the nutty 8 levels of "clear". Just so much.
I added in a bunch of extra stuff in this one to break up the monotony. How you can forgive me... YES there IS an ad on the back end for SexSearch.com. Sorry, but the money helps me make these. Let the flaming begin.
And finally... yes, the mouth synching does deteriorate toward the end of the movie. It's fine in the .fla, but for some reason, loses synch after publishing. Oh well...
I'll be commenting on reviews for the first 72 hours or so, per usual. Keep the votes and candid reviews coming. Thanks!!!!

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This seems like a long time ago. I remember when Tom Cruise became notorious for that. Honestly, I think he's a really good actor. He doesn't seem to be as religious as he once was, or at least not that open about it. I love the "f*ck you" line he made. Anyone who says that is quite a moron.

I had no idea Scientology was involved behind money laundering. How could "Star Trek" become a religion? Gene Roddenberry was an atheist. No comments in the beginning? I like how you took on a whole group of people.

I simply love this devil.

This is as good, as it maybe could be.

Sex Search.com???

Lol, that was as hilarious as all of your shows. I'm an orthodox, and I DO get offended if you make fun of my religion. Anyways, the Christians are the truth, or the Muslem, not the Scientologists, in any case. Keep up the good work.

More Religion Ones

Even Though I'm a Christian. I'm dying to see YAAFM do an show on christians, atheists, jews and more. I think if you make fun of one religion you have to poke fun at them all. So please do more Religion YAAFM they always make my day.

you are god

you rock