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Silent Hill 4: Spoof

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Author Comments

For everyone woundering about The Real MK 2 and 3 there almost ready to go. Were just fixing some of the timing problems and there good to go.

This is a short cartoon about a game that..for as much as it was supposed to be creepy...just made me laugh at how unlikely it was that you would be stuck in the freeking appartment and never get out..like come on..you could have broken the window or somthing for crying out loud.. lol..well give it a good watch and tell me what you think.Enjoy.

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I really liked it overall. Could use a little polish or tightening up as far as delivering the lines are concerned. I liked the jokes and the concept. Also love that you were using Medal Of Honor music playing over it. Even though series wise it didnt belong but it fit with the tone :3 i also give you props for the MOH reference. As being a SH fan and MOH fan myself <3


As funny as it was... its nothing like the game. it was a good use of the concept i guess but for the sake of the viewers I'll explain the game.

About the windows, you have a point but there is supposed to be some sort of hex on the whole apartment building (note, not a house) so I kinda see it as it was pulled into a different dimension so even if he did break out he wouldn't be in the world he saw outside. Once you get outside of the apartment you are still trapped in a nightmare world.

Another point is in the game Joseph, the person who was in the apartment before Henry, tried to break through the wall and he wasn't able too. I realize that's a weak point because how are you able to see Eileen through the hole however I feel that it should be noted that it was "tried"... and he's on the third floor he'd die if he jumped out the window.

Also the way he was chained in there from the inside is because Walter is a ghost-demon thing. Some points of the game are kinda lame but I enjoyed playing it. Its not as creepy as disturbing in some parts and the only thing that scared me is when I didn't notice a monster was around the corner.

Either way details aside I don't mind the "low quality" animation because I know its not easy to animate and you get your joke across anyway. I liked the whole "made in Taiwan" chain idea.


Man,that was horrible. First off the only thing that moved was the guy's eyes, were you being extremely lazy when you made this? The music wasn't even reminiscent of Silent Hill and the jokes barely touched SH4. Spoofs and parodies are supposed to touch on the thing it is a parody of, but this feels like you didn't even play the first level in the game. I'm going to have to give you a 0 out of 10. Try harder in your other endeavors.


I can't stop laughing! You my good animator just combined funny with awkward moments. Kudos to you! *In G4 voice* I give this a 10 out of five.

FUNNY AS HELL!! Wait, wha?

I just can't stop laughing at how the chains are Made in Taiwan, and the NOO parts.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2005
5:32 AM EDT