Beetle Beat

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By the way, this has been designed to be optimised under 100kb!
This is a colourful and simple interactive game (deaigned really for children) but it gets hard!
It has 10 levels of challenges, it was originaly designed for a company but then they turned it down (those pieces of knob cheese!).
Anyways, so i present this to NEWGROUNDS.



Nice design, great sounds and colors nice pace. Keep up the good work. I'm sure my neice (4) and nephew (2) would enjoy playing.

JPI responds:

Thanks for the response, it is a childrens game, and you'd be supprised how early children can pick up patterns! Anyway, I hope you get to show them my game.

Thanks for playing.


everything was ok about it but it bored me like really fast ...I meen it was designed for children but anyways everything else was good ..

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JPI responds:

Yes, it was designed for children, but my next game sure be designed for adults and should be FAR more interesting. Don't worry

no offence

but i h8 memory games. this was ok considering the fact that it was a memory game but it bored me.

better luck nxt time 2/5

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JPI responds:

thanks, don't worry, next time i will produce something far more entertaining.

Quite good...

But I think you can do better. I think you could maybe improve on the graphics, and maybe once the levels increase in difficulty you should add more beetles with more sounds. Other than that though I can't think of much else to improve on.

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JPI responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, but i will leave this game where it stands, and produce a far more interesting game next time. This is just really improving my actionscript and animation. Cheers.

i guess it's good

i don't really like these kinda games but it was interesting...

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JPI responds:

Most people don't like these game, (neither do I), next time i will make something far more interesting!

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3.39 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2005
10:19 PM EDT