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Update: 7/3/06 - Chrome- is dead.

Update 5/10/06 - Due to Guardian's self deletion, Chrome- has been added to the coauthor because he made the menu music!

Note that Guardian submitted the WoW and HL2 collabs, not me.

Although the Half Life 2 Collab was a smash hit, the World of Warcraft one wasn't given enough attention.

However, we now present to you an amazing spectacle in Newgrounds history: The Grand Theft Auto Collab!

Watch and be amazed as you experience this great piece of work that spanned the course of 18 days and THOUSANDS of frames, symbols, and lines of actionscript!


That was the best!!

i loved this collab especially guardians one . what you doing man what you doing with that knife? theres that crazy guy with the knife hes now got a bloody machine gun! i loved this collaberation keep it up

tell you where i was i was outside this taco pizza company

take it away!

Starberry responds:

i took it away and put it down my pants :(

Underdog of the Year 2005?

I would certainly agree with that-
this was actually pretty funny- doesnt exactly flatter GTA, but if it was meant to be a tribute i'm sure it would have said so in the title.
Anyway, one of the better submissions from you guys

Starberry responds:

this movie was created to anger fans who obsess with video games way too much and yes it looks like it worked.

Omfg rolf !!11

Thhat was so awesome holy crap that was hillarious omg roflmao oh help me god that was so funny ofmg.
lol wtf?

Anyway that was really funny. And wierd!!!

I vote 10!

Starberry responds:



Holy crap your flashes PWN! Am I the only one to recognize this flash's beauty and give it a ten :( ? stupid ass nerds... I enjoyed penisstar's piece the most,pretty original (and wierd) . Well happy kwanza!

Starberry responds:

kwanzaa? don't be so racist next time, mister fan of internet movies.

thankfully you are not the only one to not get angry about a video game movie but you know, butts and stuff.

You got cheek..

You got cheek to give these people a turd of the pick thing and there intention was good like the voices and getting bug pictures in g.t.a so they may say it is bad but good to me

Starberry responds:

excuse me, you're not making ANY english.

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1.26 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
3:01 AM EDT
  • Turd of the Week August 31, 2005