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Miss Dynamite XVIII

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Ok, first thing, there seems to be a bug in the movie for MAC viewers. I have no idea how to fix it, so... SORRY! It seems to be working fine in Wind'oh.
Second thing, if you get a bug during the preloader, let it all load, right-click and rewind.
Turd, mmh, I dunno. Thanks to Kagome, Rina Hidachi, Serge-em and Ice Wolf. The first voice is done by me.
That's about it.



Good job, Sirkowski, or however its spelled. And it really isnt that big a deal that you goofed on a few words, I can tell you put a decent amount of time into this flash, and thats all that matters.

Good flash but...

Great work but It came to a crashing halt at the pronunciation factor its not pronounced Metcha its pronounced Mecka, it is supposed to a shortened version of Mechanical I.E. MechaWarrior or any other mecha related anime, games and so forth. Again great work on the flash but do check your grammer, its seriously like calling a scythe a sickle two completly different objects. The sickle is on the russian flag, wheras a scythe is commonly seen in the hands of Death, father time, etc. and the mini version is called a Kama. When you mispronounce something it distorts not only your meaning but your respect.

I love it

I love dynamite

It rocked

It was funny and cool yet the spanish thing could have been changed so elian speaked english

Too much good stuff

Even with the transformers and Eva and Blackie, the funniest part....THEY'RE PLAYING THE OLD ATARI EMPIRE STRIKES BACK GAME ON A PS2!!

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4.14 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2005
11:27 PM EDT