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Evergeek 2

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Well, It's been a while since the first Evergeek. But here it is Evergeek 2!

please be sure to check out episode 1 first to get set up!

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Where is started again!

It was interesting to watch this second epsiode because it sets up the characters well. Too bad she gets called a little bitch by every significant male in the series. I am reminded of the main characters from the series "Slayers". This could have used some more action and jokes, but was still fairly entertaining to watch. The coolest thing was seeing all the video game characters together, Master Chief was the funniest. Dang, Meryl looks hot in just those previews!

I suggest you should work on animation. I think there might be a little problem with the voice work as there seems to be some static on the microphone. Another cool thing was you guys making fun of yourselves for winning the Daily 5th Place. Hey, this series gets great ratings, you can mention that! The characters have fairly funny personalities too.



Oh wow

I was the last one to give you a rew on the first one. Kind of odd too see how bad my writing was back then. But now to the flash.

It's getting better and the jokes are pretty sweet. The story is funny and the animation is also quit good :)

Well, I'm glad I came back to NG...

Nice to see you made more EverGeek. This had too many funny points for me to summarize in a hurry. But I will say that anything that insinuates the truthful fact that Cloud is gay gets high marks from me.

Now I will hurry to watch the next one!

Short Attention Span

I got about two minutes into this and almost fell asleep.