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Grab some pop corn while the movie is loading because it's an 8 minute Lock movie. Hope you guys enjoy it! Please vote and review fairly.

<3 WaterLock

P.S.: Foreverku is a Lock Legion member who was banned for 999 days in the LL forums for acting stupidly in the forums. So this movie is kind of a "tribute" to him.

P.S.2: I made this movie in 6 days: I worked on the movie from 9am to 12am, having breaks only for food.


locks kick clocks ass

that was great

Gregosan responds:


Good Job

Great Job on this... Kinda reminds Me of teh Clocks.... Mabey You should Introduce a "Maximum Pad Lock" AKA "Maxi Pad Lock" and battle it out with the Clocks....That would be cool! Well anyways man, keep up the good work and I hope to see some more Locks in the future.... Mabey even a "DREAD LOCK" hahahahaha(J).... Paaaaayce!

Gregosan responds:

The Clocks live in peace with the Locks and if you still think the Clocks hate the Locks, get the fucking lost and grow some pubes.


What was your point again?

It was a cute story, but the plot was...less than.
The voices were creative, but I've heard it all before. It was just annoying. The whole battle part was somewhat confusing because I wasn't always sure who was doing what.
It looked like you worked pretty hard on it, though.

Gregosan responds:

Go kill yourself since you don't know a thing about FF battles.

It's ... okay.

This was pretty funny, the unifying lock (clock...) theme is cool, graphics were pretty nice, smooth. Liked the "OMGWTF" things stuck in there -_- Great music (cant go wrong with Square game music)

Gregosan responds:

You liked it, but why 6?

very good

I really liked that! very good. Loved that Final Fantasy fight mode part, lol!

Gregosan responds:



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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
7:15 AM EDT
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