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Happy Clockday 2005!

(note- this is SUPERGRAPHICSINTENSIVE! Low quality is advised for slow PCs)

I worked long and hard on this little DDR-MortalKombat hybrid. I did all the coding myself! wow, that's like a first. The file size was huge, but I managed to trim it down to the tiny 5-meg limit.

Celebrate your freedom to vote 5 on Clock Movies!

(by the way, the point of Hamburger combos is to randomly hit all the arrow keys as fast as possible. These are essential to beating the game)

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No... freaking... way...
I remember playing this game in a Brazilian Disk of Flash Games that my parents got in some place (I don't know where)
I found it searching "Rhythm" and going to the last game.



Perfect way to beat it

I am only giving this a high rating because I know the perfect way to win at this game. Geez, if this had tons of medals, I would get every one of them! Okay, the secret is that there are only four arrow buttons to press. Just use your multiple fingers to teach all of them at the same time. I have checked and you do not get penalized for pressing the wrong arrow button! Anyway, the artwork in this was great too and I especially like how you give a decent description of all the different characters.

Not so much fun...

Errrrrm.... Yeah, I wasn't much on the game. Even if you were on rythm, it would change on where the notes would be taken and where they wouldn't. Or maybe it was the same and I'm just weird. At any rate, this game just needs work.

fun game

Though a lot of it other then the character design was pretty bland like the scoring layout and the dance system it was still pretty catchy and a decent game,i love the character designs though and the dances they do pretty funny.