Idiots Anonymous - ep. 2

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Sandy - Rich Byone
Additional voices/art/animation - me

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haha that would freak me out too!

The animation hasn't held up that much. It's still not that bad. I wonder why Marty is in the group. He doesn't seem like much of an idiot. It looked like she was barfing on Paul. Hopefully, it was just grotesque spit.

I'm totally siding with Marty. Paul's pretty funny. I like that voice. I wish this wasn't an infinite loop. Unless it's a song, you shouldn't do that.

A great follow up episode to the original pilot of the series, this is where I think the characters started to develop personalities and really make it's mark here in Newgrounds. The plot was quite creative and the animation was actually very nicely done and this episode was a very worthy successor to the first episode. The voice acting was quite good for the most part, it was clear and easy to hear. The humour was quite funny and I got a couple of good laughs out of this episode, this is a huge milestone on Newgrounds and such a great flash especially being released in the early months of the year 2000. The length of the video was good too, much longer than I expected.

The humour could be a little off-putting since it relied more on grossing the viewer out rather than on making them laugh from witty humour. The story line also isn't as interesting as some of the other episodes of Idiots Anonymous that I've seen so in comparison it can be quite the bore.

This was quite the amusing flash with some nice artwork and length to it, it just could use some better humour seeing as it wasn't all that funny, but a lot of great features about it and a worthy successor to the wonderful pilot!


Part 2 of Idiots Anonymous. Likeable characters, and a disgusting-but-fun story. The art stays mostly the same as before, it is simple but suitable. Good voice acting too. Worth a watch.

i like the voies
and i like the humour it is a good sequel to the previous one
the artwork was humorous too

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3.52 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2000
2:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Original