Rest in Peace Piconjo

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Many people have been wondering what happened to Piconjo. Piconjo and I were very close, we grew up together in the same neighborhood. Rest in Peace, Piconjo.



He was the godfather of at least 3 of my children :*(

catbrush responds:

Piconjo loves you.


Piconjo rocked....this should never be blammed ever!!!

I'm glad this was created

catbrush responds:

Goku112 lol.

NO! I refuse to believe it...

but I have no choice. I must accept the fact that..... that..... that......
jesus christ I can't even write this review without crying.......what the fucking hell? I mean, come on. He faced worse fates than this and yet this kills him? I don't fucking believe this! I just can't.......

The graphics were beautiful. The pics of him smiling are the only treasures that I have left of him. Lord and Master Piconjo.......why now? you've faced worse battles and yet you die from this? Fate is a fucking cruel bitch that should be killed slow and painfully.

Soundwise, I'm just glad you didn't use Kansas' "Dust In The Wind." Otherwise it would be too much for me to have watched any more.

Perhaps maybe I should have asked to see about how the kidneys were fucking him up in order to increase the violence factor, but other than that.....this is beautiful work none the less.

I just wished I had known about this sooner. I just wish........... :*-(

Great Piconjo, May the deities grant you immortality.

In short, this flash is beautiful enough that even all you Piconjo-haters would cry from this.

This is banyabeethovenpump, signing off!

catbrush responds:

Piconjo loves j00.

Did he realy die? i feel sorry for him =(

did Piconjo realy die? i feel sorry for him...i wish i he waz still here if he realy died =(

catbrush responds:

Piconjo died for j00r sins

rest in piece piconjo

i feal so bad for him he was a great flash animater and i really loved hes animations but why did he have to die rest.in.piece Piconjo

catbrush responds:

Piconjo died for j00r sins

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3.38 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2005
1:14 AM EDT