Star Wrenched Rhapsody

June 23, 2000 –
October 16, 2018
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Captain Kirk, Spok, and the rest of the crew sing to the theme of Bohemian Rhapsody!


I just...no.

This, good sir, is awesome.


warp 3 sir? no that will be way to slow warp 4 sir? still is away to slow warp 5 sir? still is too damn slow! warp 6? still too damn slow warp 7? chrous:its too damn slooooow! no no no no no mr checkov mr checkov i am firing torpedo! that will not work and would be illogical to me to me to meeeeeeeeeeee-sulu chorus kirk checkov and spock

<deleted> responds:

Glad you liked it!

i had a feeling this was old

congrats on 10 almost 11 years on this really bad animation. though for its time im sure it was epic.


So pooorly done visually, and the impressions weren't all quite as good as they should have been, and the singing was a bit off key, but still, it somehow managed to amuse me, just the thought of it I suppose. so good work... kind of.

Worthy of an award

Though, I do wish you finished with the song "Nothing really matters...etc"


I hate star trek but damn that was funny


=Dhahahahahahahahahahahahaahah ahahahahahahah;lololololololol olololololololo


Seriously, how did you do that?

I Luv It!!!

that was awsome! i never knew ST was a cartoon too i mean i watch the show on G4 but i never knew it was a cartoon. this had it all! ty for putn dis on newgrounds for us to view. i wish i could shake ur hand!

or an actor

wow iam a trekkie myself and i thought that was great well done!

not a milkman!

the video was very well put together and must have taken a long time to do lol i reli liked it try making a longer full version also with a bigger screen =-)

still way to damn slow!

LOL love that part of the flash. make another, and make it longer.

Heh Heh

Very good movie. This movie is too short though. Make the next submission you make a little longer please.


That was the funniest thing i've seen in a LONG time. I'd type more but this computers "too damn slow"


I laughed so much the first time i saw this. The song's awesome, although i never really liked star trek. The graphics aren't amazing but they work with the joke. We need more stuff like this.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA beam me up mr scott!

funny as shit, make some parody so shatner cause that isfunny as hell. good job.

Pasted images with their mouths moving to a song

Same old, same old. It was just pasted images from Star Trek moving their mouths to a song, their was no skill involved in it and anyone could have done it, it wasn't even funny, just the same old pasted images with their mouths moving to a song, it's been done to death, it was poor in the first place, why so many people have decided to do this stuff I'll never know.


must see head banging spok!!!! please make full version

P.S. props for the star trek animated series screen shots

that kicked ass!

i demand you make a longer version!

that was hilarious

that was frickin hilarious dude i just didnt like how u ended it so early it would have been better if u added more lyrics. i loved the spock solo though

Bad Video...Good Song

I dunno who created the song...you or someone else, but I love the song. Xenolord is a dork, the song is sweet, who cares if wasn't exactly the same beat or whatever as Bohemian Rhapsody, the song style is great. Overall (movie included) this only gets a seven from me. I still like it though


Now, don't get me wrong, I liked it, but it's not the best. It wasn't exactly the speed it should be though. Plus, you didn't go all the way trough the song. If you remake this better, you'll get your chance on the 10. Watch TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody; now THAT'S skill. Keep plugging away, you can do it :P



This is a great parody.

I haven't heard a good parody in a while and this one has made me a fan of parodies once again. The humor in this is fantastic and the use of the old cartoon show is classic usage. I can only hope that there will be more parodies about star trek from you guys.


that was great!


Lol, that is hillarious, I don't think its a rip off of Bohemian Rhapsody. Great lyrics! Lol.

Awsome! I cracked my ribs laughing1

It rocked! so Funny! I cant contain it!


i had no idea there was a star trek cartoon. although the song was great the graphics wern't it was just stills.

This is pretty crappy.

I don't mind that you "runied Bohemian rapshody"- YOU didn't. You stole this song. And the graphics were CRAP, it looks like you just took em off google. Which you probably did.

On the other hand, it did make me think this:

WTF? They made an animated Star Trek?!?! AAAAARGH! *facestabs animators*

You ASSHOLE!!!!!

What the fuck have you done!!!!
You've insulted Bohemian Rhapsody!
Nah, you've shreaded all that is good of that song!
By putting a twist to that song you've mocked the band Queen!
No one should change the lyrics to any good song!
You sicken me!


Hella funny vary well put togetter make more please


Very well done

its cool

very interesting for all star trek spoof fans


Thats already been done before your pretty much just doing the same thing over and over again try writing something yourself and animate it


hahaha i fuckin loved it weird al strikes once more


Star Trek is cool, and toons are hard to make, but you put next to zero effort into that... perhaps if it was actually cartooned? I did however like that you had the star trek cartoon on there...wasn't the cat in uhura's spot?

10 cuz

cuz i love stretrek



...not this one too.

Come on,you cant be serious deleting all of your movies like this.If i have to review all 97 of these to make you put them back on i will.80 more to go then after this.Can you PLEASE put thm back on soon?

<deleted> responds:

You won me over! So they are back and I'll be adding the rest too.

That was great

Appreciated by any ST fan


did you make that song, if soo, you are a genious. This flash is probly why everyone and their mother is making bohemian rhapsody videos now


That was great,
that was bloody great!

Class,but not in Titanium's league

That was bloddy brilliant


It ain't got nothing on Titanuim Rhapsody, but that was funny. Why on Earth would someone make a Star Trek cartoon, the original wasn't enough...?

Very humorous

It even sounded like the characters. A very amusing little video, well worth watching.


Good job, I love it. It was entertaining. Some of the movement of the mouths seemed too repetitive, probably on screen too long.


Oh, star trek rhapsody. The poor graphics were okay, for the AWESOME song made up for them. Good job, keep making more like this, and newgrounds will be a better place :)

Great stuff!

I laughed soo freakin hard!

I'm not giving credit cuz

You didn't mention who or where you got the song from.


This was ok. It sounded sort of like a music video but it should have had more "beam me up Scotty" in it. Overall a 5.


The animations is lacking but the voice acting is good and it must of been quite a task to find pictures from the Star Trek cartoon.

It's almost better to just listen to the song...

When I first heard this song, I thought it was pretty damn funny. You could've done a far better job making an animation to go along with it instead of just making the mouths move on still pictures.

i love it

i want lyrics

everthing is illogical

in a good way firing topredoooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo


I could watch this all day long! Thats how good it is. Awesome job! Keep up the good work.


very funny.. i loved the "i'm launching torpedoes!" part. :)


Had me laughing for ages great work


I can't get the song out of my head! Probably more catchy than the original.


Awesome i couldnt stop laughin

Weird Al rox

Don t forget u didnt make it, but Yankovic did!


Well i must say that at first it seemed quite good.... but i have to say that i have heard better things than that come outa my ass!

It was alright.

Not as good and Star Trekkin but it was amusing.


I have the spoof CD with that on it. X


there's not alot of good star trek spoofs on NG, but this one sure is funny!!

Pretty damn good. Keep it up.

That's good. And I like how you used the animation from the animated version of the show.
There's only one problem. I could've sworn the song was longer.

Erm... Yeah

Has the creator of this been let out of that little room they have him locked up in yet???

Nice sound

I bet someone would say it came from some other site.

That was awesome!

I love'd the song now I love this song! Ha!Ha!Ha!


that was great man!! do more!


very funny, good singing


I had that song in my godam head for ages, i couldn't get it out....ARGH sooo funny i mean ^.^



ha ha haha...funy

i loved the song
and the old toon series pics
but the animation..what animation
still you rocked

one of the best fuck ups yet!!

one of the best fuck ups yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To me


Star Trek Greatness at it's Best!

Face the zany antics of Mr. Spock and Lt. Checkov. Be one with the strange speach patterns of Capt. James T. Kirk! See squishy squish. Squish, squishy, squish.

Probably the funniest thing on the net.

It's just great!

I am the captain of the Starship Enterpri-ise...

This is just funny as hell. I gotta hand it to ya Wolvie. This makes up for Trek Sex

Funny and as catchy as hell!!

I just said haven't i?

buhyah man! catchy as hell

what i just said

Real funny

Man, thats a darn funny movie

Move over Queen!

That was the coolest thing I've ever seen! Right on! I'm headbanging to Star Trek (I never thought I;d see the day)

Funny as hell but messed up ( TREKKERS KICK ASS!)


<deleted> responds:

Thanks dude!

good work

for all that care the art is from the star trek animated series go here for more ohttp://www.startrek.com/libra ry/episodes_anim.aspnfo


Where's the sound file fronm, who drew the art e.t.c.


this was funny as hell, i laughed my ass off

C'mon down and lookee here!

Hey y'all after yer done shoot'n dem vermints in assasin why dontcha come on over to these parts and check out this vid? It's the same style as Star Wars Gangsta Rap (anudda classic) cept on Star Trek. Now I know y'all may not like star trek, or even know what it is, and i'm with ya. that show is, well lets say i like watchin roadkill rise from the dead better. But this here show is darn tootin the best i've seen in awhile. So sit down on yer ass and watch it!

Original and Stylish

I'm glad to see I'm not the only Trekker who likes Newgrounds too...


pretty funny

Nice Work

I gotta say. You took some time putting this together. I'm impressed though not very entertained. Still....it's pretty damn good work.


nice work my boy just needs some violence and alot more drawings of ur own instead of cutouts

And you get credit for this?

This mp3 is all over Napster man.. Yeah, it's funny, but I think you should at least mention that. I might give this movie more credit if you had actually drawn the characters and not copy/pasted them.. Or better yet, if you had made the sound file..

This is the best!

This is the greatest thing ever! I loved it and it is now one of my favorites!


I don't get it. I know it's a parody on both Star Trek and Queen, but I still don't get what's funny. Oh well.

--Michael Bregman

Not reccommended for a 56K modem, but worthwhile!

Graphics- All Wolvie ever did was take pics and and moving mouths!
Sound- A godd song with a comedy is sheer genius!
Interactivity- Not too interactive because all I do is stare at a screen!
Style- It's been done, but not this great!
Humor- Quite hilarious due to the concept.
Violence- None Whatsoever!


Ive listened to this like 10 times


Funny as fuck. and who said trekkies were boring bastards.

God Like

This is good shit. Better shit you cannot find. Why do I say this? Because it beats the shit out of most of the other crap here. as a designated Ex-trekky I say "Live long and prosper" with an added "beastiality is cool, if it's with tribbles"


its too damn slow!

I have that queen album,this diffrent version of it ,its funny! ,im not sure about the grahices


Good parady with a STAR TREK theme aligned with the Queen epic.

Nice work!

Amusing in a scary kinda way

this is actually funny.............in a scary sorta way.........


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