The Holy Sabbath

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The premier episode of Peter Godly.

Peter teaches David an important lesson about Exodus 35:2 - With a .45 automatic.

2nd Episode available at http://www.newgrounds.co




you people are Idiots

ok. Most of you who reveiwed this are Idiots. i read 7 things saying way to go for bashing christianity, and 7 things saying its inaccurate. i also read 3 things saying your going to hell for making this. You people are STUPID!.

This is not at all bashing christianity, its showing what christianity is like when holding on to every word in the Bible. Showing what people would be like if they had no common sense and only had their faith. This was all from the old testament. That means that some of this is technically also a part of the jewish and muslim faith, all three are all connected in the same way. the same basic beliefs like dont kill and dont steal, and their one God. Also the old testament was taken from the Jewish Bible (cant think of the name cause im to pissed off).

And the Sabbath is on different days in different religions. for Hebrews its Saturday. For Muslums its friday and for christians its Sunday.

Also i would like to say that No one is going to hell for making this, its an Oppinion, if you live in america GET THE FUCK OUT. its the first ammendment. Also who the hell made you so holy to judge whether or not someone is going to hell. i believe thats someone elses work. MORON! making fun of religion is NOT a new thing. its a freedom we all have. you can disagree with it but its just an oppinion. At least this guy isn't bothering me at my door waking me up telling me how their LORD can save me!

I would say More but your all PISSING ME OFF.

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I can't stand Christians...

I couldn't stand Christian propaganda being on the top of the comment pile, so I decided to bump it down and congratulate you on a wonderful idea for a series. I know way too many of these lunatics that take the Bible for every word. I also know too many of these lunatics that pick and choose what in the Bible is relavent and what isn't. You can't pick and choose people, either embrace your archaic religion or abandon it!


"Christians are caring people. We don't kill for God. We don't KILL. Many Christians feel guilty about stepping on an ant. "

I shall respond to this guys review with this Bush Quote.
"God has told me to go to Iraq."

And if the Christians don't kill than what the hell were the crusades you thumb sucking christian. The man in the sky has a plan for you, so all bad and good that happens don't worry, it's all part of his fucked up plan. So go back to your thumb sucking because you can't accept the reality that humans are too stupid to know what the "answer to the universe" is. Christians... Boooo!

Good cartoon. Lol.

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Well done

Well done, the "christian" who posted before me is a knob. I think religion kills people and YES people are controlled by god. It's all a made up conspiracy I tell you. People who wrote the bible are sad, just like that guy.

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Jul 30, 2005
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