Idiots Anonymous - ep. 1

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Voices/art/animation - me

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this is really funny stuff! keep up the great work

I really do love this series! It's great to see where it started. That one guy doesn't seem like an idiot at all. He's probably just annoying enough to be one. The best joke was probably about how he ate someone else's puke. Wow, I'm messed up.

I think the voices are quite nice. The animation doesn't hold up. It's mostly with the outlines around the announcer's eyes. It should just be more detailed. It's still a good start.

i find it somewhat amusing that bill eats piss, shit & vomit and wonders why he is so lonley
the voice work was good

Simply Idiotic

Simply hilarious! The only characters from what I understand I know are Bill, Paul and Barney. Barney's hilarious with his down right negative attitude he doesn't seem like he should be in the Idiots Anonymous club. Even nowadays the quality and comedy is a little more than decent it gave a me a good laugh or two, my favorite part was definetly when the host says "Okay...let's slowly walk out of the building and try not to touch Bill on our way out" that totally cracked me up I even laugh writing about it. The pace and sense of timing was great not short nor long the perfect pilot to get a viewer totally hooked into your series man!

The background was just plain green the whole way through and the characters expressions, especially the hosts never seemed to really change during the video.

Very nice voice acting, quality, timing and some great comedy in the flash keep up the nice work man I'm starting to like this series more and more already!

-TY Reviews

Dear god, I haven't reviewed these?

Shit, I feel dumb now. Well, I've always loved these movies. They're simply hilarious. The voice acting is just plain great, and the movie may be simply animated, but it was pretty good for its time. Fun movie.