The sleeper 5

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Author Comments

Second of all, I would like to thank 2 NG users, Beetimevine and velvet_nightmare for making me remember that people actually want new episodes to come out. Thank you and enjoy the show!

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Very Well done

I have to say this is a HUGE improvement over the earlier episodes. Although I have noticed each episode steadily improving over the last so I'm not totally surprised. But I wanted you to know that your graphics in this one are beautifully done. I must admit that I'm looking forward to another episode so hopefully there will be one? Please?

"It is quiet a series!"

"Well. My account has been dead for around a year....... And whats this I hear of the Sleeper dieing? You'd best not or............ Or I'll be a video game freak on you." :sweatdrop: "I can try to be scary......"
"Well.... Time for a more mature review of the series, as I have matured myself, sadly I still cant spell;"
"Lets start with.... hm..... Style! Your style is nice, the way you do backgrounds, the cranon* drawings with your figures drawn in a more... 'possfisoinal*' style. The sounds are alright, they do put detail into what is happening. Your main figure.... The one that is 'dreaming?' they seen to be quiet troubled, enough to see things. Well, I'm gonig to bring that into 'emotional' conection, I see things much like poor...You must give them a name! Although, what I see I can seperate from reality."
"I'm rambeling.... About things that dont concern...Tragic you killed the 'blue devil' amazing once I saw it I loved it. Strange yes..... I've voted 'five'."

notorious responds:

GASP! YOU REVIEWED THE SLEEPER 4 OVER A YEAR AGO! Yeah i totally remember you. You're one of the few people that actually said this series had a story line. Haha, well shit has changed, man. I dropped this series over a year ago. I like working more on non-sequitor stuff, and i'm spending a LOT more time on my animations. If you read this I highly reccomend you watch/play my more recent submission, '-A Dream' That's sort of like my stuff now.

Huge improvement

Huge improvement

* Graphics and animations skyrocketed Congrats on that

* There was a hint of a plot once again on this one

* Plenty of room for people to form their own opinions on what is going on, same as with a lot of art these questions that the flash makes the viewer ask himself are a good form of entertainment..what does the red eyed figure represent? what significance do the trees have? is thys a symbolisation for something? ...now im not sure weather you actually have answers for those questions yourself, but theres no need for you to have them either..this might very well be the sort of thing everyone looks at and everyone sees something different symbolised in it.

* Atmosphere could still use work, again better use of sounds would be a great improvement

Is the project dead or is 6 coming out soon?

notorious responds:

Thanks for the good review! The project has not OFICIALLY been proclaimed dead yet, although i haven't worked on one in almost a year. I originally planned to have the series go up to 10 episodes, and considering there are several fans of this series, i might. However, i have new projects to work on and nowadays i like to keep things non-sequiter. Yet if i worked on one now i could probably explain some more stuff. Thanks again for your constructive reviews throughout the series!

The idea is very interesting.

I have to say I've seen very few good graphical ideas. This serie is one of the better ones in style of the graphics and in use. (Meaning the crayon works.) I hope to see more of these episodes. I like them and hope to see it to the end of either the sleeper's demons or the sleeper.

A Sleeper Hit

Just got done watching all the sleeper episodes up to this one. Entertaining and surreal with a helping of macabre, served in 1" bite-sized sqaures. That's good flash! Just like mom used to make. I look forward to any additional sleeper episodes that this author decides to make. The crayon forest was classic, excellent symbolism regardless of original intent.

notorious responds:

thanks for the good review! I'll try to make new sleeper episodes, but recently i've been leaning more toward a non-sequiter style.

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3.67 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2005
2:34 PM EDT
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