Goku Vs Vegeta 3

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A awsome DBZ movie wich has all saiyan levels exept 1st one because that was in the first part this is part 3. Well hope you like it.


Not Bad

I thaught it was ok, but the bubble around him when he powers up is terribble you have good effects and yet you add that???! replace it and your good!

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C - Bad
C+ - Ok...
B- - Decent
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A++ - The Best

I give you a B
Slick Out

EvilAnimator responds:


Not bad, but needs a considerable amount of work

The idea to make a flash animation that depicts a DBZ battle is a good idea (I used to be a DBZ fan myself). However, you cannot simply use stick figures with hair because it is impossible to tell them apart in this animation, which makes it quite diffucult to follow. Also, try to make the fight more dramatic and intense in order to give justice to the show. Not too shabby though.

EvilAnimator responds:

Like i said before vegeta has spicky hair and gokus hair goes every wheir.

hmmm .......sorry

that was funny not serious i was laughing so hard i couldn't control myself but hey at least you can look back on it and improve your work oh yeah and to you ender there was no difference between fighters they where both negroes(yes i am proud to preach my race got a problem shove it up your ass)and they where chased by the cops when vegetta steped on goku's air force ones at which point goku clearly decided to kickveggeta's ass and the the fight broke out. Kinda scary the world could've been destroyed over jordans but well shit happens and of course goku dosen't take any

EvilAnimator responds:

God you guys clearlly havnt watched DBZ. And Its not right to call yourself a nigger. Dont you suppose to get offended? Because over here they do, but whocares, not me.


It looked like they were just playing tag with the ground with an occasional beam attack. Where was the melee fighting?

EvilAnimator responds:

Hmm yeah wheir was it? Well i was going for it but never really put it in. Couldnt find the right time.



EvilAnimator responds:

What was that...
Your girl sucked my balls?

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3.26 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2005
5:29 PM EDT