Super Sentai CollosalFury

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This is the intro to a series im making. This took me some time to make so I hope you like it. I used someones audio from the audio portal but couldnt find his sn but this was the # NG10586.


not too bad...

i've seen better, but it was alright none the less. and i don't think that the look was necessarily dino thunder, except maybe the color coding of the rangers. other than that, it reminded me more of spd. all in all, i thought it was decent. come out with more installments.

HotSiZZle responds:

Thanks, I know this isnt my best work. It will look better on its actual release. And its not DT/Aba, just the coloring is the same, and im glad you can see that. The actual episode show be finished soon so watch out for that.

not bad

pretty short, but the drawings were alright and it was alright to watch.

don't copy abaranger

your flash was really medicore. For gods sake why did you clone dino thunder/abaranger. Make your own original costumes you fuckwad. And the music sucked, use a better song like "Simple & Clean" by Utada Hikaru. that would make an excellent Power rangers theme song.

HotSiZZle responds:

That in no way looks like abaranger/DT. What cuz they'res a circle on on theres chest???

You can do better

This flash sucked. But I can tell you had a nice idea for it in your minds eye. You need to be more modest about what you can do. You have some drawing talent, but I think if you try just a little harder you can do better. You dont have to draw awesome, sometimes people just cant draw but they manage to animate and present it in a way thats very enjoyable to watch.

You need to figure out how you could improve on what you just did. Figure out how you could redraw some of your stuff to look kewler and you need to put more effort in the animation.

Again, you had some cool ideas. But if you want to make a flash series out of this, I think you should try harder and put more effort into it. The yellow ranger there does look like a dude. You can do way better to make that look female.


This was very good.. although.. too much like Abaranger/DinoThunder in the morphing, and much like MagiRanger with the villians.

Wow... Super Sentai really is unknown.. o_o;;

Can't wait for the series.

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2.36 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2005
12:13 AM EDT
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