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Xples Tutorial2

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The high quality version of the tutorial.
Much comfortable learning.

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((( NICE )))

Wow, nice tutorial you have here, i like the way you have set this up, and the organization in this is really cool. The animations are good, and i like the way you use them as examples to make things more clear. The interactivity was good, but the text was a bit too bright to read, maybe next time you could make the text more clear, but it is a nice tutorial...


good one

nice new tutorial you made here. i saw the other Xples Tutorials and they were really good too.

Very well put together Tutorial

Wow, one of the better tutorials I've seen lately. The menus are very slick, the graphics aren't the best, nor is the music, but, you had an option to take it off, which was good. You went through pretty good detail without explaining what EVERYTHING ment, so, I think begginers would really appreciate this. Overall, an effin' awesome tutorial for begginers

Great Tutorials

Verry good, Im sure most of these will come in handy to alot of people. Something I was wondering, your spining "Logo" it only spins like 90degrees then comes back, I saw the same thing in Battlefield 2. Is there a reason why you couldn't make it full spin? But besides that great tutorial!


it is wery helpful if i can say it that way...many people gonna use that i think...thank god you could turn off that awful music :D