Tink's Tutorial Vol. 2

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*Edit* Help me out and recommend this flash and my 2 other tutorials for the "flash tutorials" section. Thanks for your support!

Well everyone i'm back! This time im going to teach you how to draw a pretty good looking scenery, I have also made my drawings a little better, the only problem is now theres no mouths or eyebrows, then again who needs em? As always there will be extreme dancing and some of what you guys want: BLOOD AND GORE! W00T! So enjoy my new tutorial! Words of advice tho, never give me a commentary that says "you suck" or something, because you can get in trouble for that shit. If anything you should tell me how I could get better, but don't down an artist, make him better. Do that and I will have high respect for you.


Gotta love that tink

ah good as usual keep up the good work!


THIS WAS THE MOST HELPFUL TUTORIAL IVE EVER SEEN!!! If you would have gone a little slower, it would have been nicer cause im a dumbass and now i have to figure out how the fuck you were doing that shit where the colors fade to light and dark. U rOCk!! thanks for making this.


dude i want to let u know that was the awesomest shit i have seen all day i didnt even need to finish watching it to put it on my list of favorites now im going to go watch the first one awesome shit man keep it up

o m f g

u have made my day this was absolutly fucking HILARIOUS how on earth did u come up with that??? pleas make more myb an animation or a sound tuorial but PLEASE dont take away the humor ......the bob ross bit was hilarious too

TacoRemix responds:

fairly easy to come up with something funny and unique. You have to get pissed off about something first of all. Something that really pushes your buttons. And you record yourself venting all of your hatred torward it (use all your passion in a script first, adds humor when you say it clean.). Make fun of all it's flaws, its reasons, and who's behind it. Any topic at all. Make it so you don't piss too many people off and you got gold my friend. FUCKIN GOLD!

good one

nice second version of your tutorial. the voices did improve and it was informative and also pretty funny too.... especially in the per-loader: "overly abusive content". yeah, i highly don't think that anyone would find this abusive.
overall, good one.

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Jul 16, 2005
1:34 AM EDT
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