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Throw It! (KB Game)

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Author Comments

Nothing in the Library, ONE frame on the timeline, 1033 lines of code. Everything is created dynamically with API. Just pick the ball up and THROW IT!

THANK YOU for the votes and reviews.

Quick note, since this is being mentioned in reviews: the lack of sound is deliberate. The aim with this version of THROW IT was to keep the filesize to less than 10 kb (which is possible since it's pure code). I will probably be releasing a version with sounds/better graphics once I've refined the code.





FLiXD responds:

lol yeah

Limited concept, but well-executed.

Graphics: This is the best use of simple Flash shapes and gradients I've seen in a long time. I wish there had been characters or something more interesting than just a ball. Still, it's a nice ball, so far as balls go.

Style: The mountains and grass are about as stylish as mountains and grass can be. It's just too bad mountains and grass aren't stylish at all to begin with.

Sound: NEEDS MUSIC! Or at least a little "boing" when the ball hits the ground and some sort of boost noise when it hits a powerup. Go to Flashkit dot com.

Violence: none

Interactivity: You throw the ball and hope it goes far. Everybody loved Nanaca Crash but this isn't quite the same thing. First of all, that game had a more precise way of choosing your angle and velocity. Secondly, although there wasn't MUCH chance of you using it strategically unless you were slwoing down and right by a powerup, there was a boost down button which would thrust you towards the ground, and a boost up button that could be pressed three times, plus occasional "quick, hit the button NOW!" moments. All of these things added to the gameplay and made it more of a game and less of a toy. This thing, as far as I can tell, you get one throw and then, GG, wait and see what score you got.

Humor: none. Which is ANOTHER thing that was great about Nanaca Crash, it was funy as hell watching that poor guy get the shit kicked out of him by every shojo contrivance at your disposal.

Overall: This game was pretty well done. I only wish the author had been a little bit more creative and ambitious in designing the gameplay and characters. I definitely look forward to future games by this author.

FLiXD responds:

It was pure code. No graphic symbols, images, sound, movie clips or buttons in the Library. I'll probably be releasing another version WITH sound etc at some point soon, but I put this out as a tester.
Thanks for the in-depth review, it'll be very helpful for future upgrades.

yo tempo guess wat?

YOUR IN 40 LOL!!!!!



im hardey baby..wo0t!!

FLiXD responds:



hey this game is good, if only there was sounds and music it would be better but good work

FLiXD responds:

Thanks. The main aim was to keep the filesize down


fun, but not something i'd play more than twice

nice animation, good idea

-well done

FLiXD responds:

What, you don't want to be a WORLD RECORD HOLDER? LOL

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2005
7:45 PM EDT
Skill - Toss