Black Atmosphere

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People been mailing asking about the band I just joined so I figured I'd let you guys be the first to see the little promo trailer I whipped up during the last 4 hours. We'll be touring Europe in October promoting our new album. It's my first one ever!! (Album AND tour!) Enjoy if you can!



I think your not dead and your playing a trick on us all. :/

Hate 2 do this

Hate 2 do this ben i mean i love stick slayer but this just isnt one of your best's i hope u get it better in the future

that was stupid

what did that prove? that you guys have reviews on your music? im sorry, but that was kinda point less. im sorry. but hey, you guys play REALLY good! other than that, it sucked. im NOT trying to be mean, and i dont want you to say " that faggot didn't like my flash! he sucks bill gates's balls". cause it was okay. now im just repeating myself. i gave it a 2 and a 3.

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I've gotta agree with the last submission

Framerate was choppy..couldn't tell if it was intentional or just...*shrug* dunno. The choppiness of it granted neat effect on occasion but a good bit of the time just made it difficult to determine what I was looking at.
I voted to protect you all the same because I don't think it's a bad submission. You had good timing between visual effects and the music and it actually had a solid REASON to exist unlike a whole bunch of other crap that we have to blam outta here. Good job and best wishes to you, both as an animator, and as a musician.

For what it is, it's not bad

However, bits of it ran like shit and I had to knock it down to low quality... and there really wasn't anything much happening to make it run like shit!

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2.31 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2005
4:10 AM EDT
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