DFL: Short Order - Sushi

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Author Comments

Inspired by a particulary gruesome dream, this 30 second "snack between episodes" explores how an octopus prepares sushi. This is the first in a series of "Short Orders", playing with brevity in the "Deep Fried, Live! with Tako the Octopus" format. Whether you view it as commercial or not, we made it as a joke. Enjoy!

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HAHA this was one of the first things I watched as a kid on newgrounds and loved it!

That was really weird. I thought it would at least be a little longer. Don't worry. These guys can grow their legs back. It was nice to have those recipes put in. I just thought he'd make some sushi.

I guess he technically did. Well, it was certainly something differnet in this series. Congrats on the Daily Feature! This just didn't seem like much for an episode. Yeah, it was mostly a commercial.

Hilarious & Entertaing =) This creator needs his own channel =) I think he could seriously mix comedy & recipes on pay per view with iTunes!

5 STAR FOR U >w<!!

NICE NICE NICE UR ASHUM SHUM SHUM -.- uh.. wat did i say again?

Still remains as one of my all time favorites

Seriously what a shame that we'll never see another episode ever again. PLEASE TAKO COME BACK TO NEWGROUNDS THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE MISS YOUR CLUMSY SHENANINGANS!!