The USSJ3 Brolly Saga 1

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Been a while since I have submitted anything, with Majin Vegetto being held back because of a few things, I decided to make something else while the problems where being sorted out, Enjoy!



Man thats good stuff o-o

If you drew this thing on flash, Then 1000 flash animators are already fucked. Lol. That was really good, colors, and effects. But you need to give goku and the others a voice xD


I kinda think it's much to have Broly go USSJ3 because of him being a natural-born Legendary Super Saiyan. Another thing, USSJ3 means "Ultra Super Saiya-Jin 3." "Ultra" is a fan-given name for when Goku and the others ascend Super Saiyan to try and beat Cell. Broly is not an Ultra Super Saiyan. He's just the Legendary Super Saiyan. You coulda just put for the title card, "Broly: SSJ3?!" I'm not trying to put you down; it was a terrific job, I'm just describing what it would be like if it were part of the movie or anime plot-line. That was great though, keep it up!


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as u can tell by my name im a major fan od the DB series, but alas, i havn't seen the Brolly series! are your flashes folloing the storyline of it, and can u tell me where i can buy the brolly series on dvd/vhs? ive been looking for them for a while now, but i cant seem to find them! great movie btw, i loved it, i laughed! i cried! well not really, i just watched... lol, i loved it keep it up!

Freaking cool,and super amazing!!!Holy crap!

SSJ3 Broly!?

Just when you thought Broly was hard to beat in just normal SSJ. He turns SSJ3! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Great job, btw. Really good is all I can say. ^^ IT really is!

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Jul 8, 2005
7:11 PM EDT