Halo 2 A Day In Xbox Live

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I thought how much fun it is to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live so I made a flash about it enjoy! Also this is not dissing halo 2 I like it, its meant to be a joke.
Note:The persons voice is suppoused to sound like that, I personally think it adds to the humor.

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It's Okay, sorta.
It's Funny, sorta.

I wouldn't have stood there every time. If it was Halo Custom Edition (not my server). I would have started to fight back, once I'd killed him, I (and whoever else on that team) would start to just spawn kill him 'til he leaves! LOL

Well even then, nobody tolerates TK-ing on Halo servers at all anymore, so most have TK-ing set as autokick\ban.

If it was my server, I'd reason with the person. If that fails? Kick. If he returns? Ban.

Please don't delete this comment.

Still funny to hear a nerd rage at a troll.

the 1 spartan ounded like the guidance councelor from south park than 5 seconds later,he listens to that song from the south park movie. This dude must really like south park or something.

This one is pretty good

You should have kept the Uncle Fucker song from South Park every time he killed him. And make the guy thats getting killed say why cant we be friends. You also need to add more motion while they are talking. This one is better than the other hackers or modders one. But you still have to improve on the graphics a little.


sond was bad
I know that was partially intended, but it shouldnt hurt me to listen to it...
lots of static, reverb and pops in the sound doesnt make it funny

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2005
5:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody