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Kung Fu Karl takes a quick look back at an old PSA he was forced to do back in the 70's

This short is just the first in an effort by CU to get more animation up on the website!


Wow. The Simpsons really has gone downhill.

Graphics: So, apparently College University is some simpsons ripoff that's been availible on the web for some time now. I think I've heard of it before... anyways, this is a well drawn and animated cartoon. The artist has a stylized yet consistant sense of anatomy and proportion, and every pose, gesture and lip synch is sublimely keyframed and tweened. I'll bet the creators have professional animtion experience. (Working for Matt Groening.)

Style: Bold cartoon colors with good lightind. Crisp, bold fonts. Tiny dots in the centers of perfectly round eyeballs, which tend to almond out at the chaarcter ages. Curved tube-like arms and legs that are hardly anatomically correct, but when used consistantly, imply a three dimmensional figure. Four fingers on each hand. I may have forgotten to mention this, but the art style looks kinda like the Simpsons.

Sound: Crisply recorded, generally amusing gravelly voices. I think I remember this Kung-Fu guy. Wasn't he the fat Texan in the episode where Santa's Little Helper banged a racing hound?

Violence: Nope.

Interactivity: There's a button you can click on to buy stuff. I award no points for interface.

Humor: Great comedic timing, a little sarcasm, a little "so sad it's funny" pathetic character laughin'-at, and a nice brisk pace. The little boy going "I'll cut yew!" Didn't get funnier every time it happened, unfortunately, it just kinda sat there and died. I found the repetition much funnier in, say, that episode of College University where Sideshow Bob kept stepping on the rakes. Still, for a short this shows promise, and even makes me slightly curious about the DVD. Maybe someone with one of those "disposable incomes" I keep hearing about would even be tempted to click on that. Me, I'll stick to my trusty stack of VHS tapes.


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Parks2 responds:

Hey thanks for the well thought out review, so I'll respond with a well thought out response. I know were a "Simpson's Rip off", but no more than The Family Guy is. I must say that beyond the physical similiarities- your comparisons are way off.

Using four fingers in cartoon characters is common practice, it fits nicely on the hand shape. Unless you are going for realistic- stick with 4 fingers, 5 looks creepy.

Kung Fu Karl's voice isn't based on the Fat Texan Investor from the Simpsons- That's a straight up Texan accent- KFK is a grizzled, washed up action star, who smokes weed all day- His voice is raspy, with a hint of a southern accent.

The repetive humor of Sideshow Bob stepping on the rakes over and over in the one scene, playing off of the absurdity of having a parking lot full of rakes, added to Bob making the same noise everytime- It's not even the same concept of having a strange 10 year old kid with an overly large knife, threatening a weirdo who is giving them advice. The point was that the kid wasn't listening, and the advice wasn't getting through- thus nothing happened.

Other than that- thanks again for putting so much thought into the review- I do appreciate it, but I just had to correct you on those particular Simpsons comparisons.

And yes....Saxamaphone.

fucked up

not so good

Funny ass short

Kung fu Karl is the man and it's about time he got his own cartoon,great job btw. :P


Funny stuff. Reminds me of family guy.

Good work, keep it up.


somehow I found that funny. The disturbed child who calmly threatens someone always seems to bring laughter. I don't know why. Haha...it's disturbing and funny all at the same time.

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Jun 30, 2005
10:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 3rd Place July 2, 2005