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Rush 2 ++

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**Thanks NG for front page** I would like to do something everybody likes, its hard, you cant please everyone /:
I shall keep trying harder.

The "sequel" of Rush 1. Which ppl liked for some reason, remastered and colored for yer viewing pleasure, An ordinary day in CCC... I know Rush doesnt make any sense, but try using your imagination... just to remind you, people DO care.

MOUSE drawn. Flash MX 2004. Took me over a Month and a half of work and 900 cigs.

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I remember seeing this when I was 7 or 5 on a diff site. Didn't know what newgrounds was back then, glad to finally find this again.

Vinnie i would love to live in your world good job sir
as a side note IXluvxprinny was saying how influential this was in peoples childhoods as an example sir of how i found my old account i used back then just to comment on this vid hope you keep producing content both here and at your website really i love your work bro oh and if someone can does the blimp say NWO for the NWO of WWE? thats sick lol

My girlfriend showed me this. Amazing. ^-^

It's incredible how well loved this animation is and how influential it was in so many people's childhoods, including my own. I just wanted to point out for people revisiting this that this entire sequence is /mouse drawn/, as I suspect many people never knew in the same way I didn't know until just today. I can't even illustrate how much that elevates my opinion of this video even now, years later from when I first saw this. I have such great respect for Alejandro Cordova, and I hope he continues to be a creator in whatever he does.

I have been looking for this animation on and off for a decade and a half. God, I kept remembering its name as Flash City, which got me nowhere. Really satisfied I found it since this was one of those big things I saw as a kid that really cemented anime down in my head.