-Prodigious Amalgamation-

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*Daily Feature + Weekly Ninth + Front Page - 06/29/2005, =D*

___---:::!!!READ BEFORE WATCHING!!!:::---___
Thehigher sound quality version is avalible here: http://www.deviantart.co
m/view/19848840/ The audio was compressed to 8 kilobytes per second due to file size. So please, if you are too lazy to watch the good version, judge us on our movie graphics, not the sound quality. Thanks, DAZA.

-snare-, Zombie Lincoln, Jestar, JiarBear (Jared/NorthStarx) and -DAZA- present to you -Prodigious Amalgamation-, a series of 5 stunning music videos emphasising frame by frame. This has been a long time in production, spending ages on the animations and putting it together, so
hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it! Something like 100 hours altogether.....The topic posted in the flash forum on 3/25/05

Expect more soon, if you don't like the fact there is no plot, the next one could be something special =D

Special thanks to S3V3N, Toxic Arcade, Matrix, Triple Play, Icycomputer, MSI, ParagonX9, SOAD, Nintendo (?) and Daza for organising and putting everything together, because I didn't get it =/

I'll try to respond to all the reviews, but if I get bored then don't blame me for anything stupid.

-Love from snare




These colab things were brought about in good faith..gaining popularity from Mr.Luis's little contests among animators for short musically-synched segments..but now they are gettin real boring. Apart from ZL's entry, everything else was the overplayed "frame by frame line/stickman evolving thing" which while it may be fun to make..is not that interesting to watch. Maybe im out of line..but im just lookin for a combo that maybe tells a story, makes a point, or something...it doesnt need to be a music video....maybe ppl could contribute individual layers for one big project instead of these disjointed segments...its time to push things forward. ;)

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welly well well

i have to say that zombie lincoln's contribution to this amalgamation was the highlight of the show, but daza kinda took snare's raving dot gag and jiar's pants confusion....still very interesting. you all seem to have very messed up heads. please make one cartoon together, rather than a gallery of your individual skills.

Looked good but was boring.

What's with all these collaborations recently? The animation was brilliant, especially for the first one, probably some of the best I've seen. However, there was nothing in this to keep me interested.

Very nice animation- but gets boring quick

there is absolutly no deneying you have amazing talent with flash animation. however.. after the first 2 miniutes of verrryyy pretty explosions, i got bored. the only thing was was even kind of coherant was the mario versus link part.. and by the way.. where did mario pull that meat cleaver out of?

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veddy veddy goot

very good animation. my favorite was the second one, as it was rather creative. or modern. or something. a suggestion to the last artist though: the rotating logo really distracts people and detracts from your work. if itd just sit still in the corner itd be much easier to watch. nice job.

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Jun 28, 2005
3:39 PM EDT