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We'd like to thank Lucien Dodge, Sakura, and Kagome, for helping us bring this concept to life with their amazing voice acting. "Surface" is our latest work and a story that we've been wanting to tell, for quite a while now. We hope you enjoy it.

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Such a cryptic piece! Really well-scripted compared to the usual. When he lit the candle it almost looked like he drew blood - a bit red a flame - but otherwise I love the chain of clues, and logic narrative, it really drags you into the story, though his outbreak when he enters the second chamber seemed a bit earlier. It really hadn't been that long yet. Towards the end it really builds up the tension. Can't wait to see what's after.


First 10 out of 10 ive reviewed in a long time, well done. Great work!


Wow, that was probably the most thought provoking thing you've ever done. I was fairly certain that it was just going to be a trailer at first. I am glad there was more. The mood is wonderfully set. The music is great. It's nice to have such surrealism.

At the same time, it isn't too strange. You really are wondering what will happen next. It maybe moves a bit slow at times. It's still lots of fun. It can be hard for us to determine what's real or not.

I'm writing this review in Jan. 2013, and I think that for it's time, it was a masterpiece! Very good work, and I can't wait to watch the next part! (I read that the series is dead.. That is a bummer.) :)

Lifepoint....get back to making cartoons please!!