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FF: Mixed in Balamb2(3/3)

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Finally, the last part of FF: Mixed in Balamb 2(3/3). We are so sorry for keeping you all waiting, but we finished the 3 parts at the same time, but my computer burnt, and I had to start part 3 since the beginning. Oh well, check out the deleted and extra stuff at the end of the credits, Please enjoy!

---Well we've seen that REDOING everything again wasn't a good idea for the fans. After doing it twice, well, quality and length got reduced but hey, there's no reason to get so pissed off people, we were trying to please the fans.

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best part but what is th secret scene of this

I enjoyed this a lot. It's a pity Tifa's the only girl I'm that familiar with. Come on, we all know "Final Fantasy VII"! The animation was kind of weird. It looked sort of too cartoonish in some places. It did fluctuate at times.

For the most part, it was good. It was great to see some genuinely heartwarming moments in this. Alucard's voice actor is so good. I personally don't care for the "Xin Session" series. That was a long scene after the credits.

They could a killed off Tidus instead of Wakka because he was at least useful while Tidus is a whiny little puss

It was amazing...poor Wakka yet lucky Auron