Worms : Robot mania

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Important edit: Thanks to jack mace for the animations
Worms : Robot attack ep 1, Near miss for one worm.
Story: For years red worms had faught blue worms, but one day a virus hacked worms and infected the blue worms.
When the reds notice this they killed all of the blues.
The creator of the virus 'Rozza' was a scientist for the reds, of course he betrayed the reds.
After the battle he picked up all the body parts and went to his lab and made cyborgs out of the dead worms.
Before unleashing his army he had to create weopons for them, Duh! He created a rocket launchers and selfdestucts. The self destructs were set on random volocity so it could either be big or small.
He them made his secret weopon.
He then hacked worms agen and put in his favourite music, 'Burly Brawl'.


Great animation! I loved the start but around the middle it started doing the same thing... and the end was a bit boring. But overall good animation :)

Not bad.

It started out pretty cool though it was rather short and somewhat disappointing but for what it's worth it was rather good while it lasted with the good animation and sweet fighting.

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fun ^_^

fun funny so much awsome its hard to say!! although some of the vote goes to the fact that it was worms I LOVE WORMS!! if someone out there cant make a good worms game or clip its a large sign showing the worms days are over. but its too short ...still...make a sequel...plz!!

too short

i liked it but it was way too short

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Well it was good but a bit too short

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2.78 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2005
6:26 AM EDT