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Note: You MUST read the 'How To Play' first. Seriously. Otherwise, you won't have a clue what's going on. If you're losing health inexplicably, it's either because your units are being killed, the enemy is using a catapult barrage on you (costs 'em 500 gold), or they've got an army and you haven't. Enjoy. By the way, play it in Easy mode first. And yes, it is possible to win. You just need a good strategy. Try building the stronger units - they'll take longer to make, but they'll surivive longer, too.

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is there any reason you felt the need to thrust us into all the mechanics of the game so rapidly and force us to read your poorly written instructions?

have you heard about exploration and "discovery" as a game mechanic?

methinks now.

*votes with confidence*

Well, I'm glad you mentioned how we had to look at the "How To Play" thing first. Unfortunately, it didn't help me much. At least I was able to kill some enemies. It all went downhilll when that big balloon thing showed up sending out a dozen of them. I think the biggest fault of this was how bad the graphics were. I have just seen so many games with far better ones.

It was certainly more complicated than I thought it would be. You might need to make it a littler simpler too. Still, it's obvious that people still like this. It just isn't my kind of game. You could just make it a little less difficult.

Very confusing...

It was very confusing like it had said. It took me a while to figure out what to do.


Nice nice nice

Interesting game.

Difficult, too. Wasn't really sure how to get better at it, and struggled at Normal for a while. Didn't seem to be a huge deal of strategy, just hope your troops are more numerous than theirs and time your special attacks correctly. Room for improvement, but overall pretty spiffy actually. Bit of a challenge, good to see, but in need of music.