Cosplay is teh ghey

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This started out as a serious animation, then I got bored of it as it is not my style. Still worth submitting.

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Not your best work. Not your worst work. Eh....FOREHEAD SHAVECUT now...take the 5 as a compliment.


The dancing Naruto at the end made me laugh but the rest was forgetable, I exspected some showreel of awful cosplays but that certainly isn't what happens here...


at least put some effort into your point....
and to that marthaeus guy, i'd like to see him say that around a real furry, he'd get his @$$ handed to him on a silver platter...
anyway, this sucked. do something.... i dunno.... "better"

P.S.: G33k$ Pwn Y0u

amen brother

The name is what got me to watch. Cosplayers are the dregs of geekdom, right down there with LARPies and Furries. It's also nice to see some fresh animutation every now and then. However, most other pieces in this genre are much wackier. This seems but a shadow of what it could have been. Watch some Niel Cicierega stuff....there's like 50 things going on at any one time and it's new stuff every other second. Good animutation is a sensory overload.


ok so like you called the anime character gay? wtf? that had nothing to do with cosplay and you couldnt really hear what the song was about it was just from trippy thingie with music in the backround and you calling an anime character dumb, I'm so lost? Can you even explain what cosplay is? I dont know, just next time if ZI watch one of your flashes I hope it makes sence

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2.60 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2005
6:11 PM EDT
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