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Phabetal (Version 1.2)

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Author Comments

Version 1.2 is out!

I added Phaboulette Library, so you can change words of the Phaboulette to your liking! You can also look up the words on dictionary.com directly from the Library.

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Interesting game.

Phabetal is another one of those peculiar games in which you have to type a series of letters or words in order to progress. The game itself is rather simple in it's execution with letters on the keyboard controlling movement, confrontation and shopping.

Where this game seems to shine is it's mini games - with each action requiring a small typing puzzle or test it gradually increases in difficulty. For style I give 10 because not only is the game itself predominately letter based so are the menus, keeping immersion.

The graphics could have been slightly better but it makes little difference. Sound seemed to fit the game but more music choices would have been nice. I score 5 for violence mainly because of the battle scene graphics - It actually seemed worth destroying the letters as they approached just for the effect.

Interactivity would have been an instant 10 if not for some minor bugs in pressing buttons and not having the effects for no apparent reason. This caused me to loose life in the battle stages and get game over early.

Overall: 8. Another successful, albeit slightly buggy, addition to the rising typing genre.

Congratulations, MS

Muddasheep, this game is addictive and fun, widely reaching the expectations I had, coming from you. It offers a nice challenge which I'm taking very personal, the later I defeat it the better, and then world will be MINE MUAHAHAHAHA!

Well, erm, features are most excellent and play modes are different enough as to diversify the typing. Basically a very nice game...

Although I also would like to see some progress in HQS! ;-)

Nice :)

Neat little game... now go and finish the next part of Half-Quake, it rocks too much for me to wait. XD

Muddasheep D:

Finish Sunrise you sexy man you.

Seems a little out of place...

As I'm sure previous reviewers have mentioned, the menu and tutorial controls are cumbersome and irritating. The quantity of information being thrown at me during said tutorial is incredible, and it was extremely difficult to keep track of everything (I suggest that future players bypass the tutorial and go straight to the game - press 'A'). Enough of the bad - the game is very clever. It's clearly an educational flash, and a good one at that. Though it is nice to see such an innovative idea presented to Newgrounds first-hand, ir's obvious that game such as this belongs next to Mario Typing on the Costco shareware shelf. That's not to say that it's a boring game...it's just not very...fun. Don't take my opinion as the word - you could probably make a bundle from this.

muddasheep responds:

Hopefully the new tutorial is a bit better than the old one.

Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

May 29, 2005
6:57 PM EDT