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Zelda's PRIDE force

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EDIT 2: Woo. 100K views and on the frontpage. What more could a girl ask for. Mentor also got himself an NG account so I added him in the authors list. He's "Zente".

EDIT: Forgot to do this. Thanks to Fusion Warrior for the title idea. And the red head is Malon to those who're wondering.

This is just a joke, so hopefully no one will take offense.

This is based on an OLD concept. Very old. Well, maybe just about 6-8 months old. I was too embarassed to throw my idea out to anyone. But then I told Mentor about it. He enjoyed it and agreed to voice Link for me. Which was good cuz everyone hated my Link. XD I still get a chance to voice him in the movie. Anyway, this took me 2 months to do, with alot of... patience? And... drugs. Lotsa drugs.

No I'm kidding. I wasn't high while doing this. Mentor wasn't either. At least he's pretty sure he wasn't.

Just watch the shit, okay?


That was a shocker...

Zelda a Lez...
Link a Spelunkler...
Mario...not loving his shrooms...

Yea....Sonic and Shadow in a 1P shooter....thats scary :P


Couldn't think of a creative title, so I just made an Inception joke.
Anyway, great job, especially for something made 6 years ago!

uh... yeah... RANDOMNESS FTW

don't know exactly what to so well, let's just say it was funny stuff now I need a brain break


so zelda was a lesbian in links dream and link was gey in marios dream i am comfused


so it was mario's dream. :D

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May 29, 2005
2:16 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody