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Brink of Alienation 2

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The sequel to Brink Of Alienation.
After months of hard work and collaboration, the sequel is finally finished. Enjoy!

Play the original here:

-Grant [BlasterMaster]


Hmmm... A boring version of Halo?

This game has it all: Lasers, aliens, spaceships,... but thay are all boring. Unlogical phsycics, weard looking enemies, ripped story,... BoA3 you should play more Halo and see how its realy done!

Sorry, but this was a no-show.

I really disliked this game. It wasn't because I couldn't beat the dicky-green-slime monster/turd mutant. It was because of the sound and syncing. The sound was repetitive, for a start. But, most flash games have that problem, so I'll leave that alone. But the syncing was awful. I fire the gun, five seconds later, gunfire is heard. I press the grenade button, two seconds later, I throw the grenade. Five seconds later, I hear an explosion. This is the first time anything like this has happened in a flash game, so I doubt it's my computer, but I'm not going to count that possibility out. Still, I hold that possible glitch responsible for my death at the hands of the crap monster. The gameplay was slow. Five seconds after I press a button to dodge out of the way, the man dodges. Right into the line of fire.

Again, this possibly could have been my computer's fault, so I apologise if it is. Other than the syncing (if that's even how it's spelt), the gameplay was pretty good, but still not nearly as good as it could have been.

very very good game!

i really like this game. its not too hard but its not too easy. i see resemblances to star ship troopers, alien hominid, and metal slug.
this would probaly make a great gameboy advance game!

keep it up!

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Amazing game

It was a great game, nice graphics good sounds and all, by the way anyone who reads tihs to get past the green worm at the end in the lift is : shoot i tthen as soon as you see it omve to attack lay down and go to either the right side or the left side of the lift, then when it finishes its three diff attacks and closes its eyes walk in the middle of its mouth and shoot it, repeat this until its dead

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That is one awsome game!

You made a realy good game. It has every thing you could hope for in a game and it was realy fun but how the hell do you get by that green snake thing on the lift. ITS IMPOSIBLE! But nice job!

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3.94 / 5.00

May 28, 2005
4:17 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun