Crashing A Party

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Hey Everyone,this is my 2nd Major flash project. I've been working off and on, on it..for about 3 weeks.. no Stick figs. here this time!!! so sit back and relax..and vote please!!!



To Slay,
so what? alot of people use the madness theme to make movies, for his 2nd major piece why not base it on something that youve seen and liked?

On the flash, not bad for 2nd project, maybe add a bit to the quality of some bits, and some more storyline, don't know if you will find anything else out in the sequal but in this i couldnt see a point to it.


Thx for usin my audio :D

Nice anim.



I see you used the blood effects learned from the Ultimate Flash Tutorial here at NG. Good job, keep practicing your work.

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The hitman type movie style.. very nice!

I've never played the game but I like the style of the characters and drawing backgrounds.. you even used the blurr effect which I liked. Nice music put into this movie too.. makes it much more interesting. Wow, you even used that matrix sound fx too. very nice stuff.

Madness Interactive?

Nice ripoff... Try comeing up with your own ideas next time... I would of rated this much better if you had not stolen the madness character idea.

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2.54 / 5.00

May 22, 2005
3:36 PM EDT
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